Hi! I’m Timothy Johnson, the proprietor of idiotic dev. Nice to meet you. Around the site, you will find some examples of my work, pet projects, and some other stuff. Go ahead and poke around, I’ll wait. I have over 10 years of design and development experience working with web, software, and apps. This is my philosophy:

  1. Clean, simple, elegant
    Simple is alway better. As wonderful and shiny as a design may be, it should never distract from the content. Awe inspiring graphics, fancy animations, and clever interactions are simply overdoing it. The design needs to get out of the way and direct the user to the content and functionality they expect. Design is less about creating something beautiful and more about crafting something to fit a defined purpose. If it doesn’t perform that purpose effortlessly, then it has failed.

  2. Beautiful code
    Ugly hacks and sloppy formatting may be easier in the moment, but they show a lack of forethought. Sloppy code is prone to bugs and suffers from unreadability. When code is written beautifully, not only is it easier to maintain and extend, but it is something to be proud of as well. Pride in his code pushes the programmer to continue to learn and improve, increasing his abilities as a developer.

I am currently under the employ of Dealer Digital Group, but if you like my work hit me up, I have been known to take on freelance work from time to time.