Programmatic Digital Media

Drive More Visits to Your Dealership

Measure visits to your dealership, not just forms filled out on your site.

Cross Channel Marketing

We bring all the pieces together to create a comprehensive strategy to bring you more customers.

Programmatic Radio

Follow and reach buyers in their car, office, or at the gym with high impact audio and visual ads.

Direct Mail Machine

High Impact, Geo Targeted mail campaigns complemented with digital to increase your ROI.

Inventory Aware Campaigns

Waste less time and money with fully automated campaigns.

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Results Matter, not Fancy Cartoons and Unicorns!

There are no secrets. There are no magic boxes. We do it all, just better. Our results speak for themselves with clients seeing a 25% decrease in cost per acquisition and 10-15% increase in conversions.

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic media buying is no longer the future, it’s here…now…today! Dealerships must embrace smart marketing, or risk being left behind paying the cost of poor media buys. We combine hundreds of data sources simultaneously across offline and online channels enabling our clients to find the right people at the right time, and help you increase you sales and improve your ROI.


Traditional Media

What is considered the latest and greatest advances in marketing today, will soon be referred to as traditional media buying tomorrow. While often disregarded, this kind of media buying and tactics represent the fundamentals of Dealership marketing, and they can present the best opportunities. From direct mail, to digital radio & TV, our team has the capabilities and experience to embrace all areas of marketing online and offline, programmatically or traditionally.

Comprehensive Strategy

You need plan if you want succeed. Too many marketers jump at an opportunity but rarely think of the positive or negative impact their efforts will have on one or all of your marketing efforts. This is discipline not learned by many, and requires a unique knowledge and experience dealing with Dealership marketing efforts. At DDG, we examine the total impact of all your efforts, whether we manage them or not and determine the best course of action to bring you the biggest results.


The Results

Results always matter. At DDG we deliver results consistently with new clients seeing a 25% lower cost per acquisition within the first 30 days. Though results mean nothing if they can’t be explained and leveraged for future efforts. That’s why at DDG we believe in transparency and comprehensive analysis to bring insights you can use to raise the bar with your business. We’ll let you know what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how those efforts are affecting your efforts in other channels. Fancy charts and reports may look nice, but they mean nothing if they can’t produce insights. At DDG, we keep things focused without a lot of fluff.

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